• Substance Abuse & Mental Health Treatment.
  • Assistance for Rescue Animals, & Disabled Pets. (our LWC, Collection will use 50% of its generated revenue for donations to any and all causes focused around animals).
  • Housing & Food Rations Assistance in Impoverished Areas.
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Each Digital Asset released will be themed according to the charity that it’s revenue will be used for. We will periodically be releasing Digital Assets every quarter, annually. (to make sure you all have a voice, we will hold community votes to decide which specific charities we will design Digital Assets for each quarter)

This will be a significant focus of ours here at Lone Wolf Studios seeing as all of us have our own personal experiences and ties with both substance abuse and mental health struggles.

We hope to provide others the help we wish we had had during our tough times and an outlet to many potential alternatives for the direction that they may choose.

Housed within our chain collection project is our Lone Wolf Cubs Collection, (LWC). A collection which will donate 50% of its generated revenue to causes focused around animals in need.

Our plans are to travel directly to the places and communities who are suffering and in dire need of assistance. We wish to meet the individuals on personal levels and learn their needs so that we may provide everything to the utmost of our abilities. Things that all humans should have the right to. Let’s spread some kindness and show some humanity.

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